Gift Cards

Our service to buy our Freeport Talke Gift Card is temporarily unavailable but any in circulation can still be redeemed!

The service to  buy our Freeport Talke Giftcard is temporarily unavailable but all present cards in circulation can still be redeemed.

Sorry for any inconvenience

The gift cards retain a balance so this means that you don’t have to spend the allocated amount in one visit. You can use it in as many stores as you like on more than one visit. To keep a track of its balance visit Get My Balance or call:

Balance Enquiry – Tel: 0121 260 2849
Gift Card Support – Tel: 0121 268 3210

Each gift card is valid for a period of 12 months after its purchase.

*up to a maximum of £500, though special cases and corporate enquiries can be authorised by prior arrangement.
**Gift Cards are accepted in participating stores within Freeport Talke apart from Home Bargains, Card Factory, Outdoor & Country, Bonmarche and Co-op Travel.

For further details please contact:


Telephone: 01782 774 113