Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answer to any questions you may have in our FAQ’s section.

What is outlet shopping?

Outlet shopping is an American concept with the archetypal outlet taking the form of a mall-like development within a mock street, village square or quay-side. It offers a shopping environment unlike anything else and also includes leisure facilities and extensive car parking for shoppers.

Each of the retailers within an outlet sell a mixture of stock; previous season lines, end-of-line products, cancelled orders, quality seconds, discontinued lines, returned merchandise and outlet specific stock. They’re normally sold at 30-80% less than normal high street prices.

What is your returns policy?

When purchasing items at an outlet centre you still retain your consumer rights. This means that faulty goods or any items not marked as faulty at the time of purchase will earn a refund.

Where can I get further information on the stores?

We have a dedicated stores page on this website where you can get more information on each of the individual stores at Freeport Talke. Clicking on each brand will give you access to their respective telephone and unit number so you can contact and locate them easily.

Where can I get a map of the centre?

Take a look at our Interactive Map. From here you can see all of the stores at Freeport Talke and download a copy of the village map. When you arrive at the outlet make sure that you pick up a copy of our site leaflet from one of the designated points to get your bearings, or you can access the Interactive Map via your mobile.

Where do I find information on special opening times at Christmas and Easter?

The only day we don’t open is on Christmas Day. We do however have special opening times during Christmas and Easter where are usually publicised on our Opening Hours page 4 weeks in advance.

When is late night shopping?

Thursday until 8pm.

Can I shop online?

There is only a limited amount of stock that arrives at Freeport Talke and its all goes very quickly, giving us no time to make it available online. We also believe that online shopping could never replicate the unique shopping experience you witness when you come and take in everything that we have to offer at the outlet.

What does RRP stand for?

RRP stands for Recommended Retail Price. This is the price that a manufacturer specifies before making a product available for sale.